How Important are Websites for Window Cleaners and How Can it Benefit your Business?

What can a website help you achieve as a window cleaner? Can it really make a significant difference to the success of your business? Let’s find out.  

Is there any business model quite like it? Low overheads, flexible working hours, an impressive hourly rate and a practically limitless number of potential customers?  

There’s no doubt that running a window cleaning business has many benefits. It takes rock solid self-motivation to step outside in those cold winter mornings but by the end of the day, you have made good money, have loads of happy customers and the less enjoyable aspects of the job soon fade away.   

About those customers…  

What all window cleaners have in common is that they are on the lookout for more customers. Some are starting out and are trying to quickly build their round. Others may not want to increase their round but want to replace under-priced or awkward work with better value work. This  enables them to work less and earn more.Some have their sights set on a fleet of vans, working numerous rounds and even creating a national window cleaning franchise.   

But with each person that takes the leap into the world of window cleaning comes increased competition for your window-cleaning business. There is more than enough work for everyone, but it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. So what can you do? 

Create a good online presence 

It’s not too hard. Open a Facebook business page, set up your business profile on  Google My Business and a few window cleaning action shots won’t go a-miss on Instagram. These can all generate leads, build your brand and help increase your customer base.  

But if you want to find and maintain high quality and well-paid work and connect with customers who are unlikely to mess you around, then get your own website. It’s nothing new, but its more powerful than ever. Social media has its place, but a website will convince customers that you are a genuine, professional business and that window cleaning is not just something you do on the side. This kind of credibility adds real value to your business and is crucial if you want to find well paid domestic or commercial work. 

This simple truth is missed by a great number of small businesses. A recent study found that 40 percent of British businesses still have no online presence, resulting in lost business, with the lost money amounting to tens of thousands of pounds for small and medium enterprises.   

How can a Window Cleaning Website benefit your business? 

Publicity. I have yet to meet a window cleaner who enjoys canvassing. Your website can provide the publicity you need 24/7. Unlike social media that needs constant time consuming updates to stay relevant, your website will be there as a constant publicity agent, requiring very little of your time and attention.  

Leads: Prospective customers can quickly find your contact details or even fill in a quick online form requesting a quote. These forms can even include the option to upload some photos of their property and other details so that you can give them an accurate quote without sacrificing the time and effort of driving out to see visit the prespective customer.  

Payments: Window cleaning is straightforward. Collecting and chasing payment is not. Some window cleaners spend so much of their time collecting that it significantly lowers their average hourly wage. A website can simplify all of this, making it easy for those customers who never have cash to send you your money quickly. Make payments as easy as possible for your customers and they won’t get behind. Digital payments are the way forward and your website can make this transition a breeze for you and your customers.  

Services you offer: Your website should include information about the different services you provide. Make it clear what your speciality is. It might be conservatory roof cleaning, high rise or commercial. What makes you different? What do you offer that can make you stand out from the crowd? Is it your very competitive price or is it your attention to detail? Do you have special offers? 

Testimonials. As you grow, include client testimonials to encourage potential clients to choose you.   

Your website isn’t only for finding new clients. Your website can also be great for supporting existing clients. They can find out about other services you offer. What if, instead of calling you with questions, they went to your website? What if they could make appointments, change bookings? 
Features that you build into your website, can work for you. They can shave hours of time off your working week.  

Benefits of having someone build it for you. 

Some window-cleaners have gone ahead and built their own websites, which is great if you have the time and the expertise. Most of us have a busy working schedule and trying to grow a business takes a lot of time and effort. Trying to become a website designer on the side is not an option for everyone. Building a website is not hard. But making a website that generates business, can be easily found online and that represents your business in a professional convincing way is a lot more difficult. Most window cleaners end up disappointed that their self-built website doesn’t drive more sales.  

Your business deserves better. KSM Web Design can make sure that your website has: 

A mobile-friendly and responsive design. Your website will look great on all sorts of mobile devices.  

An intuitive user interface. Customers can navigate your site and find just what they are looking for, quickly.  

Site optimization. This will make sure you are discoverable on search engines such as Google.  

Striking visual design. You have an awesome business! Your website has to give the best impression. 

Security. This will enable customers can make payments and communicate with total peace of mind.  

Here at KSM we have the tools and the experience needed to make and maintain a website for your window cleaning business that will really stand out and help you pick up high-quality work. 

All for just £89 upfront and £25 per month thereafter.  

Want to see what we can do for your Window Cleaning Business? Let’s get started! 

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