About KSM Web Design
Creating Bespoke Websites for Small Businesses

We specialise in affordable websites for small businesses.

We provide websites for small businesses like window cleaners, joiners, plumbers, gardeners and other service providers. Why do we specialise in small businesses? Because we understand what it’s like! 

We have started and ran several small businesses as service providers over the years and we know how hard it can be to get online and be visible to your customer base without investing much more than you’d like to spend! 

We started out designing our own website for our window cleaning business, but we soon realised that creating your own website can be just as expensive as hiring a professional when you add up the cost of hosting, domain and the tools you need to actually build the website.

This was where KSM Web Design was born.

We began to do more and more research on web design, we purchased the best tools we could find and got to work on building some websites!

We now have a growing portfolio, many of which are websites for small businesses because we understand their needs and can create an ‘online business card’ for businesses all over the UK to get noticed and grow their own client base.

As part of our affordable packages, we include the initial site build, domain name, hosting, basic on page SEO (to get your site noticed on google), bespoke design on your site – using your own pictures and content – and so much more.

Why not get in touch today and take your dream to reality?