Best Tools for Small Web Businesses

The KSM team started out as first time web developers with the simple goal of achieving the same income as our part time window cleaning business in less hours. It took less than a year to achieve this (expedited by our window cleaning van spitefully quitting a few months ahead of schedule).

Now instead of needing to work 3 days per week we can sustain the same income on 6 hours per week. As a bonus we stay warm and dry all year round and can work from anywhere in the world!

Here are the best tools we find best facilitate a small web business like ours for maximum income in minimum hours without compromising on customer service:

Best Tools for Small Web Businesses: Website Builder and Hosting Service

Elementor – A very intuitive easy to learn website builder platform used by thousands of companies. Tried and tested by ten million users, it is robust, stable, well supported by developers, and has bucket loads of online tutorials. You can get a fully customized website up and running quickly, no coding needed, but has an option in Elementor Pro to insert code.

Choose the right Elementor plan for you.

Cloudways – An easy to use cloud hosting service dramatically cheaper than other hosting services. It is a little more involved to learn but well worth the effort, and there is also an abundance of online tutorials. Cloudways is easily scalable, has multiple servers, 99% uptime, and with excellent customer service. There is always someone available to provide expert guidance.

Start a free trial or view Cloudways plans here.

Best Tools for Small Web Businesses: Accounting Software

Freshbooks – This accounting software is well worth £30 per month for the premium package for the effortless set up of customer payments by direct debit. The premium package is automatically applied once you exceed 50 clients but is then capped and gives you all the bells and whistles offered by any other accounting software such as financial reports, link share with accountant, and attractive invoice design.

Sign up for your Freshbooks account.

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